Welcome to Denver’s first choice for Medical and Recreational Marijuana, conveniently located in downtown! TNT Cannabis provides one of the largest selection of premium cannabis products in the market. We have spent years perfecting our method to give or customers the most reliable and high quality experience around. Included in our line up are in house genetics that you can’t get anywhere else in the world!

Our Beginnings

The founders of TNT Cannabis, Bethany and Cutler, were introduced to marijuana separately:

In her early 20s, Bethany’s severe migraines were so bad that she had to turn to some kind of medication. The standard pills didn’t work and the side effects were almost as bad as the initial issue. When she started using marijuana as a remedy it both helped with the immediate pain and had a positive effect on her levels of stress, the underlying cause. Bethany and her husband started learning to grow their own plants for her condition and then started creating their own genetics to enhance the traits they needed.

Cutler was also introduced to marijuana in his early 20s. While attaining his Chemical Engineering degree, Cutler was exposed to both the newly growing marijuana hub and the massive local brewing industry, that were centered in Denver. During this time Cutler got to see the effects that both alcohol and cannabis had on social environment and the economics of the area. After working for manufactures of both industries and seeing their effects on consumers, Cutler decided to put his time in marijuana.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce, process and package the highest quality and clean cannabis and on the market. We are proud to bring together our experience and extensive knowledge to give our customers as much value as we can. It is massively important to us that we source locally. All of our grow supplies are from nearby towns and over half our nutrients come from local sources. All of our employees have been hired locally and the stores in our community always get served first. Because of all this, we can guarantee that our customers can feel great about buying our brand!